Our Story

It all started in the crazy year of 2020 with the pandemic, the virus, the deaths. I learned that many indigenous communities in Brazil, my home, were deeply affected because of their living conditions. Many of the small villages were away from the mainstream so the people had a very fragile immune systems, and were without any proper medical care or infrastructure. 

Handmade fashion jewelry is the only source of income for some indigenous communities that are isolated physically and economically from the rest of the country and the world. Because of COVID-19, they couldn’t work and sell their handcraft so entire communities were without any financial support. Seeds4Love work with women artisans in those communities in need, helping them to create a path to dignity and a better life.

Seeds4Love brings together my love for unique accessories and my entrepreneurial skills to the needs of my community. Inspired by my connections with Brazil and my harsh experience as a young woman victim of domestic violence, I found the perfect combination to use my passion and drive with my experience in business for a good purpose. 

 Let's empower these women and help make the world a better place!