Murano Golden Grass Necklace


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Our eco-friendly and sustainable long necklace is handcrafted with natural golden grass from Jalapao, a remote region of the Brazilian's inlands. This beautiful fashion jewelry brings simplicity and light weight. Adding an elegant touch to any occasions, whether in a casual jeans/top or a dress up outfit. 
Golden Grass (capim dourado) is a unique grass that is found in the Jalapao, in the heart of Brazil. When the plant's stalks reach maturity, turned into golden colour. This golden grass can only be harvested once a year, making it a very special thus sustainable. 
  • Material: Golden Grass and Green Murano Stone
  • Hanging Length: 16"
  • Handcrafted in Brazil.
  • This fashion jewelry was created with sustainable and local materials. 
  • We partnered with local female artisans based on fair trade principles.
  • Colors and patterns may vary slightly since each piece has unique features.